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The right therapy for every mind

Curated just for you, available in the
palm of your hand.


Every mind works differently.

Find the right solution for your mind, with BlueBuddy.


What MakesBlueBuddyDifferent?

Personalized Curation

BlueBuddy provides a highly personalized curation service. as the user interacts with the app, it steadily learns more about the user's preferences, and applies that information to better its recommendations.

Close & Convenient

Free from the limits of cost, time, and space, BlueBuddy can cater to the user's every need. With an unbiased, accepting AI persona, BlueBuddy creates a level of safety that no human can reach.


Diverse Content

The content on BlueBuddy is not limited by subject, method, or form. Instead of relying on any singular methodology, BlueBuddy makes use of a broader spectrum of content that could help the user's mental health.



AI Chats

BlueBuddy is a chatbot-based therapy service. Rather than tedious reading material, our content flows like an easy conversation.

Traditional therapy has its shortcomings.
At BlueBuddy, we ask the question:

What can technology do better?


Available anytime, anywhere, to anyone


Unlimited library of diverse content


Curation through advanced technology

How do we achieve this?

Machine Learning

Understand your current state through machine-learning analysis

Expert Curation

Receive professional therapy content curated to best suit your needs

Our Mission

We dream of a world where everyone has access to affordable, quality mental healthcare.

Made by professionals, powered by technology.

App  will be available for download in Jan. 2023
+ Come meet us @ CES 2023!

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